Beta Cyclodextrin CAS 7585-39-9

CAS NO.: 7585-39-9 Standard: CP2010、USP35 Appearance: White powder,sweet,insipid and innocuous Molecular Formula:C42H70O35 Molecular Weight:1134.99

Products informations

Beta Cyclodextrin

CAS NO. 7585-39-9
Standard USP, CP       
Appearance White powder,sweet,insipid and innocuous
Shelf life 24 Months  
Grade Food
Application Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Spice, Industry
Molecular Weight 1134.99 
Molecular formula C42H70O35
MOQ 1 kg
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Products Application

In Food Field.

In food manufacturing, mainly used to eliminate peculiar smell and improve the flavor, fragrance and pigment stability, enhance emulsification ability and moistureproof ability, etc. To improve the taste of food, it is a good stabilizer and flavoring agent for  food, and cosmetic manufacturing industries

In Chemical Analysis Field.

Cyclodextrin is chiral compounds, it to organic molecules have the identification and selection ability, has been successfully applied in the various chromatography and electrophoresis method, in order to separate all kinds of isomer and enantiomers. Cyclodextrin in electrochemical analysis can improve the selectivity of system.

In Daily Chemical Field

Cyclodextrin and surface active agent together use shampoo and kitchen cleaner can reduce the surface active agent to cutaneous stimulation; Use of cyclodextrin can also remove grease stain on fabric; In the dyeing process, the use of cyclodextrin can significantly reduce the initial dye uptake rate, improve the levelness and fiber color quantity.

In Environment Protection Field  

Cyclodextrin on environmental protection is based on its application with pollutants to form stable envelope content, so as to reduce the pollution of the environment. Its unique molecular structure can be used in the biological method in industrial wastewater treatment. In addition, air pure and fresh agent can by adding cyclodextrin, to slow release gas molecules, extend the fragrance duration of action.

In Agricultural Field.

Pyrethroid pesticide is a kind of very important, the use of cyclodextrin can solve the insoluble in water, need to consume large amounts of organic solvent problem, is to solve pyrethroids environmental pollution effective way. Containing unsaturated fatty acid of fish feed, with cyclodextrin will fatty acid inclusion, can prevent its spread into the water.

Flavor & Fragrance Industry

As emulsifying stabilizer and thickener. Β – CD hydrophobic cavity structure can inclusion of volatile flavor, cover and eliminate odor, improve the stability of the pigment to increase the solubility of refractory material.

Other Industries

Stabilizing agent, etc. Has a special smell elimination and hide; Increase with the improvement of food structure; Reduce and get rid of bitter taste; Antioxidant; Maintain and improve the flavor, and so on. Can be used to package to pick up food essence, make it less volatile. Inclusion of natural pigment, vitamins, etc, make its stability soluble. Elimination of aquatic products, animal products, dairy products, soy products and other special smell.